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Building Management Software

Mode Management utilises the latest technology to manage our client buildings. One of the ways that we do this is through our customised building management software (BMS). This allows us to create projects for everything relating to resident requests, maintenance to project management and compliance issues and everything in between.

We can generate reports from the software giving our clients up to date information about these projects including estimated and completed costs and all relevant information that the client needs to make informed decisions. Work orders, reports, quotes, project notes and emails are all contained in the relevant projects. 

Reports are generated from the building management software (BMS) and provided to our clients whenever they are needed, keeping the client updated with everything that is going on in the complex.
We have projects and the information contained within dating back to 2008 and we are currently moving files onto the software from before this time. All information on the BMS is backed up on RAID5 servers in our primary office and the cloud for complete protection and easy retrieval.

Designed to seamlessly work with desktop computers and mobile devices and with third party software such as QR Codes, google online forms, Dropbox, Microsoft software, social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter, accounting software such as Xero and many more. We are using the latest technology to manage your building. If you are interested in a demonstration and want to see how we can successfully manage your complex using this software then give us a call on (02) 8090-5394.