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City of Sydney Food Scraps Trial

Mode Management - Food Scraps Trial

City of Sydney Food Scraps Trial

Mode Management are pleased to announce that we are working along side the City of Sydney Council with their food scraps trial initiative. The City of Sydney Council is running an important trial involving the separate collection and recycling of food scraps from residential properties. The trial, which starts from 29 July 2019 and will run for 12 months, involved 330 houses and 53 apartment buildings across the city. Participating households are provided with a small kitchen caddy, a supply of compostable caddy liner bags, and a food scraps bin. The results of this trial will shape future food scraps recycling services across the City of Sydney local area. The food scraps recycling trial is an initiative of our ‘Leave Nothing to Waste’ – waste strategy and action plan 2017–2030, and is one of the actions we’re taking to help achieve our zero waste target by 2030.

The City of Sydney Council have now recycled more than 905 tonnes of food scraps. That’s about the weight of 9 blue whales, the largest mammals to have ever lived.
The initial food scraps recycling trial has now been completed and it was a great success. Since then, over the last three years since the initial trial the City of Sydney Council, with the help of building managers and strata schemes have:

  • Generated 64,447 kWh of energy. Enough energy to power 11 average households for a year.
  • Created almost 8 tonnes of fertiliser to nourish soil in gardens and parks.
  • Avoided the equivalent of 1,735 tonnes of CO2. That’s the same as taking 416 cars permanently off the road.
  • Saved 998m³ of landfill space. Equal to 4,160 big wheelie bins.

Mode Management are please to be working along side the City of Sydney Council and our strata schemes in the Sydney City region with this initiative. We will continue to keep our clients updated with these kind of initiatives.