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Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging

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Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging

As part of renewable feasability studies that Mode Management are carrying out for our clients, we are currently looking into ways that the owners corporation can incorporate ‘green’ energy into these complexes.

One of the ways that we are looking at achieving these goals is by introducing the required infrastructure into complexes so that residents can install electrical vehical (EV) charges in their individual car spaces. In a case study from one of the strata schemes that we manage we can note the following. An initial feasability study was commissioned from Whattblock. This outlined what infrastructure would need to be installed the so that residents could eventually install their own charges to the system. This included a new distribution board (DB) as it was a two level garage, new cable trays running through out the garage connecting internet and power. From there building management obtained proposals for the supply and installation of the required instrastructure. This inculded a proposal from Jet Charge, the company who was inventially was awarded the job. 

Charging an electric vehical (EV) can be as low as one third the cost of running a traditional petrol car of the same size.
Jet Charge installed the required infrastructure and a provided an estimate cost for residents to connect to the system. This would depend on how far away the individual car space was from the power and comms connection point. Chargefox Station Managment software was then untilised to record the the power usage used by a resident with an electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Now when a resident wants to install an EV charger they complete an exclusive use by-law, taken from a template that was created by the strata scheme’s solicitor and pay a fee to Jet Charge to install the EV charger and required cable run to the power and comms connection point. The average cost of this being $2,240+GST. All billing is taken care of by the Chargefox Station Managment software and charged back to the resident.

Since installed eight months ago we have seen great up take from residents, both owner/occupiers and investors.